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Our travel agency and tour operator services range from accommodations, resorts, hotels, villa rentals, car rentals to private escorted tours, excursions, guided city tours and airfare to Morocco. Contact us today for a free quote. 

Morocco is one of the emerging travel destinations in Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco offers the perfect blend of mystery, beauty, history, culture and luxury. From the narrow streets in the ancient cities to the amazing sand dunes of the Sahara, Morocco should definitely be on your travel plans.

One of our Morocco tours  could consist of feasting on a wonderful tagine (local stew), exploring the souks (markets) piled high with dates, olives, spices and fruit, enjoying the luxury of a restored Riad (old traditional Moroccan house), or sipping some local mint tea in the oasis and much more. Whether you decided to take one of our pre-packaged tours or you want to custom design your own tour, Vacations Morocco offers quality international service, with representatives based in the USA, Canada and Morocco.

The Kingdom of a Thousand Kingdoms. The spirit of Morocco finds full expression in art. A country of artisans, even everyday objects are rendered with extraordinary craftsmanship. Markets are full of brass wares, leather goods, exquisite carpets and embroidery work of fine quality and beauty.
On a larger scale, this national artistic inclination is expressed in buildings, gardens and fountains. Owing to the various tribal, dynastic, and colonial influences, in Moroccan architecture one finds seemingly opposing expressions of rapture, ostentation and formidable might. As in the country, the result is a distinct and cohesive character, greater than the sum of its many influences. Arabesque tracery, geometric design, stylized vegetation and multicolored mosaic may cover entire structures or contribute just a hint of detail in otherwise featureless stone.


The face of Morocco is a shifting puzzle. The landscape itself varies dramatically throughout the country. Broad peaceful beaches give way to lively gem like cities perched around and among rolling green hills and ragged peaks which then descend into the heaving expanse of the Sahara Desert. Historically, such variation fostered strong tribal affiliations over national unity.

Additionally, its geographic situation at a cultural crossroads has for centuries left Morocco vulnerable to external cultural imposition. The legacy of such varied influence from within and without is the extremely rich and surprisingly harmonious tapestry of modern Morocco. While the soul of Morocco is reveled in art, its body is reflected in the souks. All the colors, sounds and smells of the country are mingled here. The souk of Fez has been declared one of the world’s cultural treasures by UNESCO. 
Morocco is a very safe country with an ancient tradition of hospitality so travelers feel secure and very welcome. The physical beauty and cultural brilliance together with an extensive tourist infrastructure of exquisite modern and traditional hotels, and resorts; world class golf courses and excellent guides makes Morocco one of the most exciting and fulfilling travel destinations in the world.



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